Supporting research across the full spectrum of medical sciences in Scotland

For Research Staff

Application for Small Research Grants (Up to £12,000)

TENOVUS SCOTLAND exists to foster high quality research within the health care professions in Scotland and invites applications for grants in Medicine, Dentistry, the Medical Sciences and allied professions.

Preference is given to innovative, patient-related projects and particularly to preliminary “pump priming” studies, which are thought likely to lead to subsequent funding from major grant-giving bodies.

Applications from junior staff and from established staff, in the early stages of a new project are particularly encouraged.

Support is mainly provided for the purchase of equipment for research and/or running costs although, from time to time when funds are available, applications may be invited for salary support or for research studentships.

All projects must have a clear research component and fall within the general areas of clinical or medical science. All applications will be submitted to detailed peer review. Funding is not available for equipment for routine patient care or for assessment of new products, which the manufacturer might be expected to finance.

You can obtain a Grant Application Form from the General Secretary at

Closing dates for submission :

Edinburgh - 1 May 2017.
- 15 September.
- 15 February & 15 September.
Tayside - 1 May & 1 October.

Please allow approximately 4 months from closing date for the results.

Lodgement of Application

Please forward the completed Application Form (1 original plus 10 copies plus 1 electronic Word document for Tayside, 1 original plus 4 copies plus 1 electronic Word document for Grampian, 1 original plus 1 electronic Word document for Edinburgh and Strathclyde) based on your postal code.

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